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In this rather unquenchable quest for greater economic prosperity, man plans and executes various programmes, at times to the very detriment of the well-being of the environment. Air and water pollution, soil and coastal erosion, landslide, desertification and so on are all signs of a sick environment occasioned by man’s careless and unscrupulous use of environmental resources.

However, like a new dawn, the need for a well-orchestrated environmental protection exercise is gradually but steadily unfolding. Opinions however, differ on how to correct or ameliorate those environmental problems. The general consensus is that the government alone cannot tackle those problems. Thus, planning methodology has change over the years as emphasis has shifted from situation whereby planners think, plan and designed for the people to one whereby both the government and all other stake holders have become important components of the planning process. The need to involve not only the planners but also the policy makers and stakeholders in the planning process, calls for the introduction of new planning approaches that integrates these three groups of persons. One of such approaches is the use of consulting firms and non-governmental organizations NGO’s in environmental management.

D-MBARUKAS limited is a modern dynamic and efficient indigenous consulting firm established to provide a wide range of services in environmental planning/management. We provide the best consulting services to meet the demands of the information age. We offer consulting services in the area of flood abatement, erosion prevention. Control/feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, socio-economic survey for policy formulation and development, infrastructural planning, Geographic Information System (GIS) – particularly digital terrain modeling and automated mapping/facilities mapping and information manipulation/analysis.

Our comprehensive training programmes ensure that the necessary skills needed to effectively management our fragile ecosystem is acquired by our clients. Furthermore our links with local and overseas organizations are exploited to guarantee the procurement/adoption of new technologies in environmental management.

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