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Company Profile

Company Profile

Our listed objectives are being individually and jointly realized by the establishment of the following operational departments.

Geo-referenced Database Management System (DSS)

The new field called Geographic Information System (GIS) has revolutionalized the ways data on oil exploration and exploitation re collected and analyzed. Therefore, a major function of this department is to disseminate knowledge on the incorporate of GIS framework in sample survey and data collection, data analysis and data dissemination for planning purposes. In this respect, data pertaining to land use; environmental resources monitoring and management; environmental impact assessment; facilities oil exploration/exploitation and so on are spatially referenced for decision making and planning purposes. This department is also involved with modeling complex human/environmental processes as a basis for rational decision –making. Staffs are adept in the use of GIS. Statistical, spread sheet, graphics and mapping software such as Map info and so on.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Baseline Studies

This department performs the following functions among others:

  • Survey and spatial Information Systems Development.
  • Baseline surveys for turnkey development projects.
  • Post impact environmental auditing.
  •  All categories of EIA studies.
  •  Development of environmental management plan EMP.
  •  Environmental monitoring plans.
  •  Spatial Information Analysis and simulation.
  •  Statistical survey/data collection.
  •  Statistical analysis and interpretation.
  •  Report writing. 


Services in this department are render in the following areas.

  •  Organization of workshops, seminars and conference
  •  Sample surveys for specific projects – e.g. agricultural, irrigation and dam construction programmes
  •  Organization of In-House Training Programmes for Capacity Building
  •  Management training in the field of information sciences

Each training programme is designed to resolve specific objectives. The flexibility of our team to adopt to enhancing requirement’s of our clients in terms of course contents and specific hardware and software in use in their organization is a very strong asset to this department. 

Project Design and Execution (PRODEX)

The project design and execution department will work with all the stakeholders with a view to develop/adopting appropriate technology in environmental conservation.

This department performs the following specific objectives:

  •  Ecological surveys particularly in the Mangrove Swamps
  •  Feasibility studies/engineering design of landslide, marine and soil erosion/flood facilities.
  •  Supervision of landslide marine, soil/erosion, flood control projects among others
  •  Assessment of the extent of damage cause by oil spills whenever they occur.

 Indigenous Knowledge Network (PRA-NET)

This department undertakes research support services in the areas of development strategies particularly participatory or people centered development approach. We are also linked to the Nigeria Participatory Rural Appraisal Network (NIPRANET). We envisage that population participation will serve as a means to empower the host countries preferably at the community level. Our success would be measured in terms of the usefulness, sustainability and replicability of development projects.

This department intends to exploit the various benefit/advantages of participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) which includes the following:

  1. Quick and relatively low cost of project execution
  2. First hand experience of rural people’s condition
  3.  Flexibility and inter-disciplinary
  4. Full involvement of target group
  5. Avoidance of duplication

In an effort to further underscore the major concern of DE-MBARUKAS limited for genuine community involvement in the development process, we shall dwell a little on the present state of things with respect to the attitude of development agents to the masses or communities at large. We are aware that virtually all development agencies and agents, especially at the community level claim to be community based. All government functionaries and development personnel accept the fact that real development cannot occur without the popular support and full participation of the people. Yet, our referred Professor Adebayo Adedeji observed barely a decade ago [in te Sunday Concord of August 31st 1997] that: “The bitterness of the reality in most of Africa is that the social bases of the poor and decision making are too narrow, more often than not, and whatever the rhetoric to the country, there is an over concentration of power and there are too many impediments to the effective participation of the overwhelming majority of the people in development”.

Professor Adedeji wet on; “While lip service is daily paid to the importance of people (community) in governance (development), the reality is that majority of them-that is the people at the grassroots are treated as if they matter very little. They are marginalized, alienated and excluded treated as the “invisible”, informal” sector”.

We at –DE-MBARUKAS Limited agree one hundred percent with him, and so have come up with a consulting service that embraces the latest concepts in developments –sustainable development, participatory rural appraisal (PRA) among others as well as the latest technologies in information management (GIS). We envisage that popular participation will serve as a means to empower the people, preferably at the community level.

At DE-MBARUKAS, we have consulted for local and international organizations in all aspects of operations. Our qualitative services and programmes are designed to imbibe individuals, corporate bodies, government agencies and organizations with the necessary skills to meet the challenges and demands of modern information technology.

It is our sincere beliefs that your organization will benefit immensely from our wealth of experience and expertise. We are recognized by relevant government departments/agencies as fully registered consultants on environmental planning/management.

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