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Our Objectives

At DE-MBARUKAS Limited, we provide complete digital database for physical planning and management of our environment. In addition, we provide data for more rational decision making in environmental management /planning that directly touch on the welfare of local communities. (A digital database is a data set that can be read by computers and other electronic devices and can be used directly for planning purposes without manual interventions that introduce errors). When such data bases are tied to coordinate systems, they become Geographic Information System (GIS). Such as a digital database, as we want to develop are good bases for environmental planning/management, capacity building and information dissemination for environmental conservation.


  1. Environmental Impact Assessment/Baseline studies.
  2. Identification of area of land in the host communities where the maximum sustained productivity of a given land use is threatened by oil spillage pollution with a view to enhancing the perception of the local communities about the activities of oil prospecting companies.
  3. To provide practical guidance to both policy makers and practitioners alike on how to facilitate meaningful people or community participation in the entire development process.
  4. Procurement, installation and maintenance of necessary computer, hardware and software equipment for organizations and corporations adopting information and technology as a basis for their operations.
  5. Spatial and statistical information system development for policy formulation and implementation purposes.
  6. To carry out a complete inventory of the human and physical characteristics of oil producing communities and geo-coding of the collected data for the expect decision support system development.
  7. Provide advocacy and consultancy services to international and national development agent and initiators, including multinationals firms, government and non-government agencies, business community, community-based organization etc.
  8. Organize seminars, conference, workshops etc on issues pertaining to oil pollution and environmental degradation arising from oil exploration and exploitation activities.
  9. Work in partnership with government establishments and corporate organizations to achieve meaningful and environmentally sustainable development at all levels.
  10. Environmental education/awareness for local communities prone to environmental hazards.
  11. To assist the management of multinational organizations engaged in petroleum activities in identifying the needs and expectations of the local communities with a view to making suggestions/recommendations.
  12. To introduce the host communities to the latest development in Environmental monitoring under the participatory Rural Appraisal Concept with a nature of the environment, the issues of preservation and conservation, environmental ethics, biodiversity loss etc and the precautionary steps to take in the face of oil pollution.

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