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Mission & Goals

The paucity in the use of information technology in environmental planning/management in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa has been a major cause of bottleneck in the operations of planning agencies. D-MBARUKAS was established to meet the challenge of increasing demand for digital spatial database creation for effective and efficient environmental management. We therefore aim at transforming the current state of information technology in environmental planning by providing and developing an optimal management strategy that will integrate the local community planers, policy makers as well as governmental agencies through seminars, workshops and other consultancy services.

At DE-MBARUKAS, we believe that planning would be a fruitless services without adequate statistical information on the different components of our environment particularly the socio-economic indices. Furthermore, collection of information is wasteful exercise without the necessary tools to analyze and interpret the mass of data normally collected by organizations. These and other reasons are instrumental in the setting of DE-MBARUKAS limited to provide consulting services to organizations whose major concern is the environment. We provide computer-based statistical/information services in appropriate quality and quantity to private and multinational companies –Federal, State and Local Government as well as rural communities.

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